Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Repost: gulfnews : Kfar Owaid massacre will haunt Syria

Reposted from December 2011

gulfnews : Kfar Owaid massacre will haunt Syria

An organized slaughter... no survivors.

وذبح نظمت في كفر عويد، ولا ناجين

Update: WARNING as it's extremely graphic.

Repost: The Cleansing of Homs, Syria

Repost from March 2012

World's been here before. More mass graves coming....

Red Cross aid convoy reaches Homs Reuters:
Rebels withdrew on Thursday in a key moment in the year-old uprising. An official at Syria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said the army had "cleansed Baba Amro from the foreign-backed armed groups of terrorists."

Activists said Syria's army had begun hunting down and killing insurgents who had stayed to cover their comrades' retreat, although the reports could not be verified. They said 10 young men were shot dead on Friday. It was not immediately clear how many rebels had been killed in the onslaught and how many had withdrawn.

"All men who remained in the neighborhood aged between 14 and 50 were arrested. We fear they will be massacred. Where is the world?," said one activist.

Repost: UUSC Condemns Government Violence against Civilians in Syria | Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

Reposted from Feb, 23, 2012

UUSC finally discovers Syria….  a year too late.  A Syrian Friend wrote me,
Thank you Bill for being very passionate and supportive of the struggling and suffering people in Syria...I am sure we have so much to do in the few upcoming months ... What I am really concerned about is that the longer this coldblooded killing continues, the further the country is pushed to extremism, Islamism and violent sectarianism which could virtually destabilize the whole middle east region including neighboring Iraq...the US & NATO must intervene soon to prevent such a tragic possible scenario especially after exhausting all diplomatic and economic measures ....Most American seem to fail to understand why the US. and its allies have to intervene militarily in certain parts of the world, overlooking the fact that we now live in a very small world that its diverse parts are very connected to each other...!!...In Syria I believe any future mission would be very focused and targeted on military facilities and security headquarter buildings with no need for any deployments...the real problem is that we have to deal with unavoidable a collateral damages of civilian causalities l
UUSC Condemns Government Violence against Civilians in Syria | Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

Update: More...actually a letter that preceded the one above,

To explain to you in a simple way the mosaic of the Syrian society, there are non-Arab ethnicity who are the Kurds ( Mostly Sunni Muslim) and the Assyrians ( Mostly Syriac Orthodox) ..the majority of the population are considered Arab Syrians. The Arab Syrians have a very diverse sectarian religious structure. Some of them are Catholic, others are Greek Orthodox, others are Syriac Orthodox, others are Alawite Shi'a, druzz Shi'a, Ismaeli Shi'a but the majority of Syrian population are Arab Sunni Muslim (65% of the whole population). The majority have been oppressed by the Alawites who have a very tribal fanatic culture. The regime also over the years reached out to other minorities like Christians to consolidate its power. The regime has worked successfully on dividing the Syrian people and convinced and scared the minorities (35%) that the revolution is the work of America and the West and it is backed the extreme Sunni Islamist currents...Now the Alawite soldiers are slaughtering the Sunnis with heavy weapons and the Christians are dancing to the Russian & China Vetos and Iran supports .The Kurds are waiting for Syria to crumble so they can establish their own state in NE part of Syria.. regional powers like the Shi'a governments in Iran, Lebanon and Iraq are backing Assad's regime, superpowers like Russia and China are protecting and boosting Assad regime.....the Arab Golf States & Turkey who are mostly Sunni Muslims who are allied with the US. and the West get unwillingly involved after seeing the inhumane massacres of the Sunni population in Syria...in conclusion what has started as a people revolution, it has descended into as a sectarian, regional and superpower conflicts !! If I want to blame one group for all this , I would blame the Syrian Christians who should have been moderate and act as a buffer and safe zone between the ruling Alawites and the revolting Sunnis...instead they sided with Alawite and fueled the conflict and now the whole country is going to hell !!!

Probably lump UU indifference up to now,  with the rest of the Christians. And send Syrians all straight to hell...here on earth to boot.  Wasn't our fight so to speak.